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The window has every reason to be considered the most important element in rooms for a wide variety of purposes. At the same time, it is the correctly selected window sill that allows you to create a harmoniously completed look of the entire room. Modern ultra-durable Plastolit window sills are able to bring harmony to any room, thereby satisfying the needs of even the most demanding consumer. Moreover, the abundance of textures and colors opens up endless scope for imagination not only for professional decorators, but also for ordinary buyers.

The main advantages of Plastolit window sills

It should be especially noted that in addition to the perfect appearance, Plastolit products have many other advantages and very important consumer qualities . Separately, it is necessary to highlight the following:
- Semicircular shape of the kapinos - front bend. According to experienced craftsmen, this adds not only aesthetics, but also safety: an involuntary collision with a window sill will certainly not lead to any injuries;
Heavy-duty protective film made in Germany by Elesgo significantly extends the comfortable service life of this product - it is not afraid of the claws of a pet, the consequences of a carelessly installed flower pot, etc.;
— The manufacturer paid attention to the thickness of the window sill, bringing it to 20 mm , which also affects the service life;
The special composition of Plastolit window sills is a guarantee of safe use, because the ingress of formaldehyde, lead compounds and other substances hazardous to humans is completely excluded;
— The protective properties of the Elesgo lamination film guarantee increased resistance to UV radiation , thus, many years after installation, even on the sunny side, the Plastolit window sill has the same ideal color and brightness;
— Short-term contact with hot objects will not leave marks ;
Resistance to increased humidity eliminates recent restrictions on use. Plastolit can be installed in bathrooms, near sinks and sinks. By the way, the same Elesgo protective film protects these window sills from food stains.

Plastolite window sill colors

The color scheme and texture deserve special attention. Buyers are presented with glossy and matte products . Anyone in our store can choose a classic white or marble window sill, which, by the way, is also available in beige. Or perhaps you’ll prefer imitation wenge or oak – classic or rustic. Experts note that the solemn glossy Plastolit window sills have never gone out of fashion, but matte decors from this manufacturer are also always a win-win option, allowing you to purchase a noble window sill that perfectly imitates natural material.

A pleasant advantage of Plastolit window sills is their affordable price . This is due to the fact that these products are produced in our country, taking into account all the standard first-class German technologies. You can order and purchase a Plastolit window sill on our website or from an official representative in Ukraine:


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and sincerely hope that you will appreciate the quality of MADE IN UKRAINE !

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